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How to select international SMS platform? What are the benefits of an international SMS platform?

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    Now there is a Pacific multi-international SMS platform on the market, because international SMS has the advantage of covering a wide range of countries and high arrival rate, then how do enterprises with mass SMS demand choose a formal and reliable international SMS platform?

International short message platforms are divided into three cate


The direct connection operator agent platform

    Directly connected operator agent platform is equivalent to the three major operators (mobile, telecom, Unicom). Generally, the operators of each country are different, and some countries even have a dozen operators. This kind of platform channel stability, send short messages fast, but the price is high, is generally used for public institutions.

Ordinary SMS agents

    This kind of platform has a cooperative relationship with the official operator and obtains the resources of the operator of each country, which is called the third party agent. The short message channel of this kind of platform is also relatively stable, and the sending time of short message is about 5 seconds. The price of international short message is much cheaper than that of direct operators. Generally, large, medium and small overseas enterprises use this kind of platform. Talk2all is an international messaging platform.

 Illegal agent platform

    Such operator are not complete qualification, domain names, domain name registration certificate of the material such as, they mainly rely on price to attract users, but does not pay attention to the cultivation of the brand and product quality, not only in the process of send international SMS often buckle, and send the channel is not stable, so the sea enterprise when choosing international SMS platform must pay attention to these.

The benefits of an international messaging platform

    Nowadays, overseas enterprises all choose international SMS as one of the important promotion tools, because the choice of mass texting can reduce the promotion cost, and obtain more user resources with cheap promotion price, which is the best of both worlds.

    Secondly, the advantages of international short message itself to help enterprises achieve better results, from the more and more enterprises choose the trend of international short message to see, you can know that international short message has advantages in promotion. But when looking for an international messaging platform, companies must be careful not to be blinded by the price of the platform as a reliable selection criteria.