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What are the advantages of international SMS? Why are internationalSMS sometimes sent successfully and sometimes sent unsuccessfully?

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Today's world is economic globalization, which is actually the globalization of capital. With the continuous development of international trade, international exchanges become more and more frequent. In order to gather capital, multinational enterprises compete more and more fiercely in the international market. However, the global epidemic situation is still high, and the brands of major enterprises cannot be physically promoted, so they switch to various online marketing channels. 

International SMS has been accepted by mass enterprises because of its global coverage, fast arrival speed and support for the languages of all countries in the world. International SMS has the functions of verification code SMS, notification SMS and marketing SMS, and its application scenarios are very wide. It has the following advantages:

1. Fast sending speed, 3-5 seconds can be successfully sent to the customer;

2. It is not limited by time and region, and can send short messages anytime and anywhere;

3. The target is accurate and can be accurately sent to the other party's mobile phone every time;

4. Compared with other marketing methods, the cost efficiency is high;

5. The content is safe and confidential, and there is no need to worry about the content being leaked.

二、 Why does international SMS sometimes fail to send successfully?

   International short messages can generally be sent under normal circumstances. If they cannot be sent, they are usually caused by the following reasons:

1. The content of the short message violates the regulations of the operator, sending illegal words, false propaganda, special symbols and illegal links related to yellow gambling and gambling;

2. The sending time is at the peak of SMS sending such as holidays, and the system channel is congested;

3. The SMS content is not edited according to the specified format, resulting in failure to send successfully;

4. The daily delivery quantity exceeds the regulations of the operator;

5. An error or shutdown number is sent;

6. There is a problem with the network signal in the user's area;

7. The transmission channel is temporarily closed.

If the above reasons are excluded and still cannot be sent, then it is the problem of the platform. To send international SMS in groups, you must choose a formal service platform, such as talk2all international SMS platform.