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What platform can send international SMS? Which enterprises can international SMS apply to?

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    If overseas enterprises need to expand their business and develop customers, they need to send short messages to foreign customers. Talk2all international short message platform is a relatively easy-to-use international short message platform in China, which supports multiple national languages, with high short message rate and fast sending speed. It also supports free line testing.

Where can international SMS be used?

1. Sea game update notice

    Sea games want to reach a certain degree of stickiness with users, which depends on how the game enterprises promote it. Most game enterprises will send international SMS to players when the game is updated or there are new activities. On the one hand, they remind players to join the game, and on the other hand, they let players witness the growth of the game and increase the feelings between the game and the players.

2. Cross border e-commerce notice

   Most cross-border e-commerce enterprises will choose the through train to promote when promoting activities, thus ignoring the promotion channel of international SMS. When cross-border e-commerce enterprises hold festival activities or new product promotion activities, it is recommended that enterprises choose international SMS to promote, publicize the characteristics, advantages and price discounts of new products, so as to attract customers with demand to buy.

3. Ensure safe login of social app

    In recent years, more and more social app enterprises have been promoting to the sea, and ensuring the security of social app accounts has become a strong recognition. Almost all enterprises will use SMS verification codes to ensure the security of user accounts. Therefore, people need to provide SMS verification code when logging in social app, and they can log in successfully only after entering it correctly. This secure login method has gradually spread to other platforms.

4. Password retrieval

   As we all know, if an account does not log in or forgets the password for a long time, it needs to retrieve the password. The indispensable link to retrieve the password is international SMS verification. Only after SMS verification can you have the right to change the password and set a new password.

    There are many international SMS platforms, but each price is different. It is recommended that you choose a regular SMS channel.