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What is international short message? Is there any limit to group international text messaging?

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     International SMS is also called cross-border marketing SMS. It is suitable for cross-border industries and plays a very important role in the daily operations of cross-border enterprises. It can not only help cross-border enterprises to promote marketing, but also maintain old customers. Send holiday greetings or new product promotional text messages to customers during festivals or when new products are launched. International SMS is a low-cost and wide-ranging marketing method. No matter how the network develops, international SMS is irreplaceable. Users can use the international SMS platform to send international SMS verification codes, international notification SMS and so on.

Is there a limit to sending international text messages?

    There are many precautions when using bulk international SMS, especially when sending marketing SMS, each country has some regulations for cross-border sending. Before sending, users need to understand the policies and regulations of the sending destination. Users can also refer to the following points.

1. Before sending international SMS, there will be different time differences according to different countries and regions. It is necessary to understand in advance to maximize the marketing effect.

2. In the content of international text messages, try to avoid adding links that induce users to click. Text messages with links will make users vigilant and even be reported.

3. Pay special attention when editing the content of international text messages. International text messages cannot contain sensitive words, false propaganda and other content.

    The speed of international short messages is very fast, usually arriving in 3-5 seconds. After enterprises and merchants edit the content of the message through the short message platform, they can be sent to the user's mobile phone in just a few seconds. And there is no limit to the number of mass-sending users, but it should also be noted that the same user cannot send multiple times a day to avoid user confusion.

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