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How to send SMS to America? Why do international SMS messages sometimes fail to be sent?

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I.How to send SMS to America? 

    There are generally two ways to send text messages to the United States: one is that users directly use their mobile phones; One is to send via the international SMS service platform. It is very simple for individuals to use mobile phones to send messages. Just like sending ordinary short messages in China, they can send messages directly. 

    The difference from sending ordinary SMS in China is that you need to add two zeros in the international prefix before the phone number of the other party, and then add the country code 01 of the United States. For example, if the mobile phone number of the other party is 16673205190, the format of the contact column should be 0016673205190. 

    It should be noted that when editing SMS content, the number of characters cannot exceed 70 for Chinese characters and 140 for English characters. However, sending by personal mobile phone may fail. In addition, when individuals use mobile phones to send text messages abroad, operators also charge roaming fees. It is more cost-effective to send international SMS in groups. Therefore, if users want to send international short messages in groups, it is recommended to send them through the platform.

II.Why do international SMS messages sometimes fail to be sent? 

The reasons for the failure of sending international short messages are as follows: 

    1. The content of short messages contains illegal words such as pornography, gambling and drugs, violence, false propaganda and illegal links;

    2.The sending time is in the peak period of sending short messages such as holidays. Try to avoid sending international short messages on holidays, because the system channel is congested on holidays, which may cause delay in reaching.

    3.The SMS content was not edited according to the specified format, resulting in failure to send successfully;

    4. If the daily transmission quantity exceeds the upper limit, the operator has a specified quantity;

    5.It is impossible to send the empty number or stop number sent;

    6. The user's mobile phone signal problem and the network signal problem in the user's area; 

    7. The transmission channel is temporarily closed, delaying transmission.

If the above factors are excluded, the transmission can be successful.