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What situation can the enterprise use short message group? What are the advantages of group texting?

AddDate: 2022-09-29 Author: 妍 Hits:

    In the early period, short messages were mainly used by individuals to send holiday greetings and blessings, but with the emergence of social software, group short messages were widely used by enterprises as a marketing means. What aspects were group short messages applied to enterprises?

1. Customer maintenance

    Many enterprises customer volume is very large, every holiday, one by one call greetings blessing will be very troublesome, and time-consuming and laborious, then you can with the help of text messages sent to complete the message greetings and blessings.

2. Staff maintenance

    In general, large enterprises have a large employee base. During holidays or when employees celebrate their birthdays, they can send blessing messages to employees in batches to enhance the cohesion of the company.

3. Notice/reminder of meeting

    When the company has a meeting or group activity, using the SMS platform can avoid not sending the notice one by one, and can directly send the time, address, content and other related content of the activity to the people who need to attend by SMS.

4. Promotion and marketing

    When the enterprise is going to launch a new product, it can directly send the information of the new product to the old customer or the intended customer by SMS. On the one hand, it can directly inform the user of the news of the new product, on the other hand, it can maintain the relationship with the old customer and improve the brand awareness.

5. Information of preferential activities

    Before the event, the company needs to use the SMS platform to directly send the content of the event to customers' mobile phones, so as to directly warm up the event and maximize the effect of the event.

    Compared with other promotion and notification methods, short message mass sending not only has low effect but also has a larger coverage, which is now a more commonly used marketing method in enterprises. Promotion of low cost mass text messages, send more free time, receive faster, also can ensure the accuracy of the user, to be a good group messaging platform of cooperation, it is critical that a text message on service providers are generally has its own direct channel, arrival rate, send SMS messages are guaranteed, recommend choosing talk2all international SMS platform.