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Do you charge for receiving international SMS messages? How to open international SMS?

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The application scenario of international SMS is the same as that of ordinary SMS. The SMS provides enterprises with SMS marketing services or helps them complete daily operations.The operation of e-commerce, catering, IT Internet, automobile and other major industries is inseparable from SMS service. Enterprises can send SMS verification code, SMS notification, new product push, logistics information and other messages through SMS service, and also achieve precise marketing.

There is no charge for receiving international SMS, the cost is provided by the sender. Companies will pay like a mass mailing platform or APP before using the mass mailing service, the recipient does not need to pay any fee, but if you need to send back a message you need to pay a fee to the operator.

I. How to open international SMS

1. Choose the international SMS platform with formal qualifications.

2. Contact customer service personnel to register platform accounts.

3. Confirm the enterprise signature and SMS content.

4, through the platform channel test whether the text message content is passed.

5. If the test passed, the platform will pay.

Set the sending time and view the status of sending SMS messages.

II. Notes on sending international SMS

1. Identify customer groups

According to the different industry of the enterprise, the marketing audience is also different. Before sending, the enterprise needs to determine the target of sending SMS, such as new product marketing or notification SMS.

2. Brief and easy to understand text message content

According to different audiences, edit different types of text messages, and edit content from the user's point of view. Clearly tell users what we can bring to them to attract users' attention, and you can also add pictures and short links to diversify the content of messages.

3. reasonable time to send

International text messages are sent across borders, and regions and countries directly have different time differences. In order to achieve the best marketing purpose, enterprises need to know the online time of local users before sending SMS messages, so as not to reduce the marketing effect of sending SMS messages during breaks.

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