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Can international text messages send pictures? How many characters can I send in an international text message?

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I.Can international text messages send pictures?

    International SMS can send pictures, and international SMS sending pictures is SMS. Now is the multimedia age, SMS is widely used in the communication and publicity between users and customers. The sending of pictures is more vivid, more fashionable, more real and more concrete for the promotion of advertisements. Of course, there are restrictions on the operators who send pictures, and prohibited pictures, such as pictures related to pornography, gambling, drugs, and especially bloody brutality, are not allowed.

   In addition, there will be restrictions on the size of the picture. If the picture file size of the SMS is too large, exceeding 300KB, it will be limited by the mobile phone itself and cannot be sent or accepted. As long as users avoid these restrictions, they can basically send successfully. International SMS sends SMS, each message can only send one picture, and the operator's charge for MMS is calculated according to the number of recipients. The fee is deducted from the sender's fee, and the receiver is not charged.


II.How many characters can be sent in international SMS?

   Generally, when sending ordinary text messages, such as Chinese characters, one text message can be edited with 70 characters. Of course, more than 70 characters can also be sent, and 71 to 140 characters are charged for two characters, and so on. The operator's fee is calculated based on the number of SMS messages received by the recipient.

   The charge for full-English text messages is different from the number of characters specified in ordinary text messages. When sending international text messages, one full-English text message can be edited with 140 characters, and 140 to 280 characters count as two. And so on. The operator's charging principle is also based on the number of pieces received by the receiver, only the sender's fee is deducted, and the receiver does not charge.

   In addition to the number of characters, operators also have restrictions on the content of international SMS editing. Prohibited words about pornography, gambling, and drugs, as well as false propaganda, invitation links, etc. are not allowed. Be sure to act on the premise of safeguarding the public interest.