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What types of international text messages are there? Why do international SMS sometimes fail to be sent?

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I.What types of international text messages are there?

1. Marketing SMS Marketing SMS means that in order to promote products, enterprise users send various preferential activities organized by the company and the update, improvement and release of new products to multiple customers in the form of SMS to achieve the purpose of marketing.

2. SMS notification means that users send warm reminders by SMS notification in order to stabilize long-term customers or establish new customers.

3. Member SMS Customers who become corporate user members will receive blessing SMS and product discount information from time to time.

4. Verification code SMS Users need to send a verification code when logging in to the website to ensure the authenticity of their identity.

II.Why do international SMS sometimes fail to be sent? 

International SMS can usually be successfully sent, but the failure to send generally has the following reasons:  

1. The content of the text message editing may contain prohibited words related to pornography, drugs, gambling and false propaganda, etc. Such text messages will be restricted by the operator, so it will be unsuccessful;

2. The SMS code is wrong. The SMS code is different in different countries and regions. If the user edits it incorrectly, it is impossible for the operator to push it out. Therefore, when the international SMS fails to send, the user should check what he wrote. Whether the encoding is wrong;

3. The content format is incorrectly edited. If the international SMS, especially the mass SMS, is incorrectly edited, it is impossible to send it successfully;

4. If the SMS sending exceeds the daily limit, the daily sending of international SMS is also limited. If it exceeds the limit, it will definitely not be sent successfully;

5. The number sent is an empty number and the user who has been set as a blacklist by the other party cannot be sent either;

6. If there is no network signal in the user's location or the network is not running smoothly, it is also impossible to send.

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