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Is international SMS a fraud SMS? What are the best platforms to use?

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International short message is not fraud short message, international short message and ordinary short message is the same type of enterprises in the daily operation of an indispensable part.Whether it is the game industry, e-commerce industry, travel industry, IT Internet industry and so on are all will have the demand of mass SMS. International SMS has a wide range of uses, including sending notification SMS, SMS verification code, new product push SMS and logistics SMS, which are often seen in our daily life.

I. Why do people ask if international SMS is a fraudulent SMS?

I believe you have heard the term telecom fraud, those criminals are through short links to make illegal profits.The content of such messages often seems mundane, inducing users to click on links while lowering people's vigilance, and then threatening users' interests through background operations. It is because of these lawbreakers that many users will be very alert to the SMS with short links and usually delete them directly, so it is not recommended that enterprises add short links in the SMS content to ensure the effect of promotion.

II. how to tell if the platform is good

1. Whether the platform has formal business qualifications and the operating years are up to standard. Generally, 3-5 years of experience is the best.

2.Whether the platform is stable, safe and easy to operate.

3. Whether the platform supports free testing and whether the arrival rate of SMS is excellent.

4. Whether the platform has an independent background to support users to check the status of SMS sending.

5. Whether the platform has after-sales guarantee.

III. Advantages of international SMS

1, Wide coverage area, can be sent to multiple regions and countries at the same time, no upper limit.

2, Compared with the conventional marketing way, SMS group sending cost is low.

3, Flexible sending time, users can define their own SMS sending time, no matter when and where can be sent, no network requirements.

4, No language restrictions, direct connection to many countries around the world, fast arrival speed.

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