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Can you receive international SMS? What is the international SMS charging standard?

AddDate: 2022-06-21 Author: 妍 Hits:

 With the continuous development of today's world economy, many enterprises will not only strive to expand domestic market operations, but also continue to explore overseas markets and promote the marketing of their own products. When doing business with foreign customers, it is necessary to send all kinds of SMS to foreign customers, but it is also very common to fail to send SMS. The following is a detailed introduction to the reasons for the failure of sending international SMS. The reasons are as follows:

1. international roaming is not enabled

   If other people send text messages to their mobile phones after going abroad, they can receive them on the premise that international roaming must be enabled. Mobile phone cards that do not enable international roaming will have no signal after going abroad and will not be able to receive text messages and calls. After opening, the mobile phone can be used normally both abroad and at home. Generally, when international roaming is enabled, there is no charge for receiving SMS, but sending SMS requires money, and the charging standards vary in different countries.

2. there is forbidden or sensitive information in the SMS content

  Institutions in many countries and regions are monitoring the content of international SMS. If some sensitive words or forbidden words appear, the international SMS will not be sent to the user's mobile phone.

3. the format of international SMS sending content is incorrect

  If you need to send international SMS to overseas customers, you need to comply with the content format sending requirements of the international SMS group sending platform. Report in advance and edit according to the specified content format. Otherwise, it cannot pass the platform audit, resulting in sending failure.

  So what is the international SMS charging standard? At present, the charging method of international SMS group sending is mostly based on the principles of "pre charging" and "batch discount". The price of an international SMS varies from 20 cents to 8 cents. The specific price should be determined according to the actual situation. 

 In terms of the number of entries, different enterprises may differ in terms of whether to distinguish between Chinese and foreign languages, whether to calculate by fields or bytes, and specific restrictions. For the same service provider, the differences of individual fees are mainly reflected in the differences between countries and regions. For different service providers, resource differences, quantity calculation rules and gradient charging design are all influencing factors of charging.