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How can international SMS be sent cheaply? Is there a delay for international messaging?

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  The development of international SMS service makes the development and operation of multinational enterprises more convenient, and makes the information transmission between countries more international. International SMS messages are sent through cooperative lines of operators between countries, applicable to all multinational companies and can be used by individuals without industry restrictions.

   The charging method of international SMS is different from other marketing methods, and the system of charging in advance is adopted. Although the price of international short messages is not high, due to the particularity of international short messages, after the platform charges fees, consumers can view each short message in the background of the platform. The advance fee is generally between 200 and 2000 yuan. Users can charge as they like. If the demand is large, many platforms have packages, and the price will be cheaper if the quantity is larger.

I. Factors affecting the price of international SMS

     The price of an international short message is between 0.3-0.5 yuan. Although the price is not high, it is not particularly cheap. The platform also needs to cost. If there is a platform advertising price much lower than the market price, then the probability is not a regular platform, must not choose these platforms.

The price of international SMS is also different, each country operators charge different prices. Different carriers have different billing methods for the sent content, and there may be differences in the number of words, language and other specific restrictions.

II. what is the charging standard of foreign SMS?

   There are two ways to send international messages, one is personal mobile phone and the other is third-party platform. Mobile phone sending is suitable for small number of individual users. The price of personal phones is also higher, and users have to pay for international roaming.

International SMS platforms have lower prices, no international roaming charges, fewer restrictions on sending, and no time limit on sending.

   Talk2all international SMS platform SMS sending delay is low, 3-5 seconds will be reached, the arrival rate is also very high, if you have requirements please contact our customer service.