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Is there a limit to bulk SMS?Which is the best message sending platform?

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   For companies with overseas promotion ideas, bulk SMS is a cost-effective marketing method. Bulk SMS can make the sender's information reach the potential customer's mobile phone at the specified time, and because the location information of the receiver's customer can be grasped, it can help the sender to locate the target customer more accurately. However, text messages cannot be sent at will, and there are restrictions on group text messages. Next, I will introduce the restrictions on group text messages.

1. Limit the number of text messages

    Chinese characters, English, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks or symbols in text messages are all counted as one character, and the deduction is the national standard. SMS is generally 70 characters for one; 71 to 134 characters for two charges; 135 to 201 characters for three charges; up to 600 characters for nine charges.

2. Content limitations

    Illegal content, sensitive information, etc. cannot be sent. Most mass messaging platforms will require customers to confirm the content of the text message first, and edit it according to the specified content format. If there is any problem with the content, if it is not modified, the international text message will not be sent to the user's mobile phone.

3. Limit the sending times

    Even if it is the same mobile phone number, the number of SMS group sending is limited. For the same mobile number, you can only get the verification code SMS 10 times a day. If you need to send it again, you will have to wait until the next day. Therefore, marketing text messages should generally not exceed three times a day.

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