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What does international SMS do? How to open international SMS service?

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1What does international SMS do?

  With the development of science and technology and the frequent international exchanges, more and more enterprise users hope to expand their business scope to foreign countries, open foreign markets, realize international trade, and obtain more profits. To achieve this goal, we need to use a tool - international SMS.

  International SMS is also called transnational SMS. There are many kinds of SMS, including marketing SMS, SMS notification, member SMS and verification code SMS. It has a wider application range than ordinary SMS, reserves the languages of various countries, and facilitates the communication, publicity and transaction between multinational enterprises and customers all over the world. And because it is economical, fast and effective, it is an efficient marketing channel often used by users.

   International SMS can not only edit text, but also send pictures. The sending of pictures is more vivid, fashionable, real and specific for advertising. The way pictures are sent is actually technical MMS. Of course, no matter text messages or multimedia messages, their contents can not involve the prohibited scope of pornography, gambling and gambling. Otherwise, they will be restricted by operators and cannot be sent out.

 2How to open the international SMS service?

As for the opening of international SMS service, the following key points should be kept in mind:

1. Select a regular SMS platform

  Now there are more and more international SMS platforms on the market. If you choose the wrong platform without formal qualification, you will not only waste time, but also lose money. To choose a regular platform, first of all, you must have a certain understanding of the platform. A regular SMS platform must have formal qualifications and can provide users with free test channels. Of course, good after-sales service is also essential;

2. Complete the registration of SMS platform account, channel testing, platform real name authentication and platform payment;

3. Users can create their own SMS signature, which can be either an enterprise name or a brand name.

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