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Which International SMS platform is better? How to choose international SMS platform?

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    SMS marketing is a communication method based on the Internet to send short messages. Enterprises can release edited information to target customers in order to obtain more new users and dig out accurate users with needs. With the rapid development of information today, the emergence of SMS marketing makes enterprises see a new direction. Enterprises to do a good job is not only the product, but also to grab from the hot spot, self-marketing. How to choose a good international SMS platform。

1. Regularity and comprehensive strength

    How to measure the formal of a short message company, first of all, we can see whether the short message company has a business license, value-added business license, this is the basic, can determine whether this is a regular short message company; Secondly, we can go to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to inquire the establishment time of the company, the size of the company, the registered capital of the company and so on to determine that the company is not a shell company, whether we can cooperate all the time, so as not to be deceived;finally, we can judge the strength of the company from the company's brand awareness, typical customers of cooperation, long-term cooperation with customers, the company's hardware technology, the speed of the company to deal with problems and other factors.

2. Group texting price

    General formal SMS companies, the price of SMS is generally between 4-8 points, why the price will be different, mainly because of the different content of SMS, general financial SMS price is higher than education, marketing SMS price is higher than verification code SMS and so on.

3. Service attitude of SMS platform

    If a company's pre-sales service is particularly sloppy, after-sales service will be even worse. After all, if the company does not have a perfect after-sales team, operation team and professional technical team, the experience of users who want to send group messages will be greatly reduced.

4. Success rate

    The reasons that affect the SMS arrival rate are as follows: Channel interface, integration of three networks, carrying capacity, and number quality The quality of the channel is also important. Unstable channels may cause verification codes to fail to be sent.

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