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Proposed Xiangtan ta'ao Internet of things System R & D project of ta'ao Communication Co., Ltd

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Hunan ta'ao Communication Co., Ltd. plans to build a ta'ao Internet of things System R & D project in phase II of Hualong Bubugao Plaza, No. 90, Jianshe South Road, Jianshe Road, Xiangtan, with an estimated total investment of 5million yuan.

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The new IOT management system of the project includes remote switching of data SIM card mobile network, remote enabling / disabling of data SIM card, customized traffic data package, real-time statistics of IOT device traffic usage information, hierarchical management of data SIM card, etc., as well as the construction of traffic package purchase module, user management module, roaming traffic access module, agent module, etc. The construction content includes the research and development of the Internet of things system project, including OTA remote writing IMSI information, cross-border intelligent switching of Internet of things device roaming network, intelligent selection of the optimal mobile network of destination, remote start and stop of Internet of things devices, real-time and accurate statistics of user traffic and billing bills, etc.