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Why did the sending of international SMS fail? How can I successfully send international SMS?

AddDate: 2022-06-29 Author: 娇 Hits:

International SMS  can generally be sent successfully, but individual users will also encounter sending failure. As for why sending international SMS fails, what are the corresponding solutions? Now let me summarize the following points for you:

一、The content edited by the SMS may contain illegal words such as pornography, gambling, drugs, violent murder, false propaganda and illegal links. All these contents in international SMS messages will be restricted by operators, resulting in failure to send them.

    Solution: delete prohibited words, change false publicity, and prohibit sending illegal links.

二、If you send international SMS on holidays, you may not be able to send it for a while.

   Solution: it is better not to send international SMS on holidays, because in holidays, the SMS channel is generally crowded, which may lead to delayed arrival. If you need to send holiday blessing SMS, you can send it oneortwo days before the holiday.

三、The content of international SMS is not in the format required by the platform, resulting in sending failure.

   Solution: edit according to the format specified by international SMS. The correct format of international SMS: international SMS sending signature + international SMS sending subject.

四、Too many SMS  were sent on that day.

   Solution: operators have a limit on the number of international SMS sent by users every day, so the number of SMS  sent should not exceed the limit.

五、There is no network signal on the user's mobile phone, or there is no network in the region.

   Solution: try to restart the mobile phone refresh system and move to the signal open area.

   The above situations are basically the main reasons for the unsuccessful sending of international SMS. Another important point is that to successfully send international SMS, especially mass international SMS, we must choose a high-quality service platform. Talk2al international SMS service platform is a professional mass messaging platform, with formal qualifications, professional technical team, three networks in one channel, fast sending speed, high arrival rate, affordable price, and after-sales customer service online 24 hours a day to solve your worries.