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Can text messages be sent internationally? What is the use of bulk international text messages?

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   International SMS, also known as overseas SMS, is mostly used in overseas markets. It can help overseas companies to promote and acquire customers, such as cross-border e-commerce, games, international websites, dating apps and other enterprises, because no matter how the network develops, the correct SMS Transportability is irreplaceable, and the efficiency of other publicity methods is far less than that of text messages. Almost all users will take a look when they receive a text message. With the help of the domestic high-quality international SMS platform, foreign trade and other overseas enterprises can accurately convey information to target users without being restricted by time, space and location, and also save resource consumption.

I.The role of international SMS

   1. International SMS can accurately specify the sending target. Using high-quality international SMS platform services, users can specify the content and region to be sent, and can also test the channel before sending to avoid the loss caused by the failure of sending for some reasons. Enterprises only need to set the sending time and quantity according to their own needs, and then they can send international marketing text messages or other forms of service information at any time. Our platform is simple to operate, and the page is simple to ensure that every user can see the delivery status of SMS messages at any time.

   2. The cost is low and the effect is good. International SMS is not only a means of communication, but also an efficient marketing method. Compared with other forms of publicity, the cost of sending international SMS is lower, but the effect is better, because other forms of publicity are passive Waiting for the attention of consumers, and international SMS is directly pushed to consumers, which can effectively improve the reading rate of advertisements and the sales volume of enterprises.

  3. The sending speed is fast, the quantity is large, and the speed of reaching the mass message is very fast. After the enterprise and businessman edit the content of the message through the SMS platform, it can be sent to the user's mobile phone in just a few seconds, and the number of mass-sending users There is no limit. The probability of a good platform failing to send is extremely low, and it may also fail when the user's mobile phone is turned off or the signal is not good.