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What are SMS services? How to send SMS abroad?

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 SMS is a storage and forwarding service. Short messages are not sent directly from the sender to the receiver, but are always forwarded through the SMS service center. If the receiver is not connected all the time (the phone may be turned off or there is no signal), the message will be sent to the receiver's mobile phone when the receiver reconnects.

1. SMS service

 Now there are many SMS service platform operators in the market, providing SMS sending services to businesses. Generally, large enterprises or institutions need to regularly send short messages to specific groups, such as banks and large shopping malls.

 Before the promotion of international marketing SMS, the SMS platform will strictly review the content, including some sensitive industries such as real estate, education and financial audit, to prevent illegal content. In addition to sending some regular notifications, notification SMS can also be used for activity introduction, business promotion, etc.

2. international marketing SMS sending

 International marketing SMS needs to use the most concise and direct language to ridicule users' consumption psychology, fully attract users, and realize transaction or transformation through landing pages.

The sending time of SMS is very particular. It cannot be sent casually. It is usually sent when the user is resting or on vacation. If users are busy and we send text messages at work, the probability of clicking is very small, and it may also cause users' disgust. The gains outweigh the losses. Therefore, we should grasp the opportunity when sending text messages. Short messages should be novel and interesting. They should not be all information about products. They can attract users with greetings, blessings, etc.

3. SMS platform selection

 The sms transmission sent by the sms group sending platform is not subject to the constraints of time and region. No matter which province or city in the country is the same, advertising information can be sent at the same time.

 It is highly rewarding to send SMS to mobile phones online through the SMS platform, so it is recommended that you choose the SMS platform to send SMS in groups.

4. SMS platform recommendation

 Talk2all international SMS platform has high SMS flexibility and can customize content and signature; Rich SMS forms, covering domestic and foreign businesses; High quality channels and high SMS arrival rate. In addition, there is a professional editing team for personalized customization. 5 * 8 hours of online support from customer service executives and 7 * 24 hours of technical team support. In case of any problem, it will be handled for you in a timely manner.