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How to send international SMS? How tocharge for international SMS?

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International SMS enterprise users use a marketing method to open up foreign markets. By sending international SMS to overseas customers, they can effectively carry out brand publicity and promotion, and save advertising costs. Some users don't know much about how to send international SMS and how to charge. Now let's get familiar with it.

一、 How to send international SMS? International 

SMS includes SMS between individuals and SMS between enterprise users and overseas customers. The international SMS sending method between individuals is like ordinary SMS, and there is no need to open it through other ways. Just add two zeros in front of the phone number, then the country code and the user number to send international SMS; The SMS between enterprise users and international customers needs to be connected by the international SMS platform.

In addition, it should be noted that international SMS has restrictions on the content of editing. You can't edit illegal words such as pornography, gambling, drugs, false propaganda and illegal links, which will be restricted by operators and can't be sent out.

二、How to charge for international SMS?

The charge of international SMS is relatively low. The price of an international SMS is generally between 3-8 cents, but there are differences in the charging standards between each country. The prepaid cost of international SMS is generally not more than 2000 yuan, but also a little as low as one or two hundred yuan. After the enterprise prepays, the fees will be displayed in the enterprise SMS management account and deducted according to the actual number of SMS used by the enterprise. The customer will not charge for receiving SMS.

The most important thing for sending international SMS is to choose a high-quality service platform. Talk2all international SMS platform has an excellent technical team, which provides customers with fast, fast and stable mass SMS service, high-quality A-Z SMS three in one channel, free testing, preferential prices and stable platform. The company's after-sales customer service is online 24 hours a day and provides customers with free upgrade and maintenance for a long time. Talk2all international SMS platform is worthy of users' trust.