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How to check overseas SMS? How to block international SMS?

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 With the continuous expansion of the international economic and trade market and the development of the international communication field, the exchanges between international enterprises are becoming closer and closer. Cross border enterprises will encounter communication and publicity problems in their operations. Enterprises cannot put their goods directly in front of overseas customers to let them know, nor can they let users know the company through the most common publicity methods. International SMS can help enterprises achieve customer acquisition for multinational users. Through the most common way of publicity, SMS 1v1 is directly sent to users' mobile phones to meet the needs of new product publicity, enterprise introduction, daily operation and maintenance, etc.

1、 How to check overseas SMS

  Overseas SMS is the same as ordinary SMS, and the sender can only send it after obtaining the correct contact information. The mainland has very high restrictions on international text messages, and usually text messages containing some illegal information cannot be sent to users' mobile phones. If the other party knows your mobile phone number, after sending international SMS, we can check it through the SMS inbox of your mobile phone. If your mobile phone is set to prohibit sending SMS with unfamiliar numbers, we can't receive it.

2、 How to block international SMS

  When you often receive many foreign text messages that you don't want to see, you can set up a mobile phone to prohibit the reception of text messages with unknown numbers. However, in daily life, we often receive different text messages, and blocking them all will bring inconvenience to life. If you just don't want to receive international SMS, you can set a separate setting to prohibit the reception of international SMS.

  If the international SMS is sent by the same number, the mobile phone number can be directly blackened, and the reception of international SMS can also be avoided to a certain extent.

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