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How are international text messages sent? SMS group platform which good?

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    With the development of international trade and the increasingly frequent international communication, international short message is used by more and more users. International SMS can be used in multiple languages and can be used in various scenarios, such as sending verification codes, international notification messages, international promotion messages, and marketing messages.

, How are international short messages sent?

    There are usually two ways to send international short messages: one is personal information, the other is between enterprise users and customers.

   1. The way of sending personal international short messages is similar to the way of sending ordinary short messages in China. The content is edited and sent to the other party's phone. It can be zero plus area code plus user number.

  2. The short messages between enterprise users and customers are generally group short messages, which need to use a tool ---- international short message service platform. Because the international SMS platform has the advantages of simple, fast and convenient, it can simultaneously process the sending of 1 million messages, so as to save time, worry, money, accurate and safe sending.

, SMS group platform which good?

    Users using international SMS to conduct mass SMS service must choose a service platform with formal qualifications, as irregular platforms have great risks to the security of users' property and information content.

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