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What is SMS? Which foreign SMS platform is reliable?

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Nowadays, email is slow and clumsy. They may be lost or delayed, or your customers may have left before you have a chance to reply to them. The call will lead to the frustration of customers, especially when you wait too long.

For problems that are easy to solve, customers have no reason to use email or phone. SMS is much faster than these two methods, and can provide simple and accurate information, leading to faster solutions and happier customers.

1. Meaning of SMS

   Short message service (English: short message service, abbreviation: SMS; sometimes also known as message, SMS, text message, this service also has many common names in English, such as SMSEs, text messages, messages or even texts and txts) is a kind of mobile phone service. SMS service was first introduced on GSM mobile phones, and now it can be used in almost any mobile phone system. Chinese characters, English, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks or symbols in text messages are calculated as one character, and the deduction is the national standard. The same is true for the deduction of mobile phone SMS. Messages are generally 70 characters each; Two charges from 71 to 134 characters; Three charges from 135 to 201 characters; The maximum charge is nine 600 characters.

2. Precautions for sending SMS messages

   International SMS is a short message channel that can be sent to countries and regions outside Chinese Mainland. Because there are too many regions, try to understand the precautions before mass texting. Like domestic SMS group sending, international SMS can also be divided into verification code SMS and marketing SMS, because there are too many countries, and each country has different restrictions on SMS verification sending. For example, the number of short messages is limited, the content is limited, and the number of sending is limited.

3. If you choose an international SMS platform

    How to choose a SMS company? First, you can check whether the SMS company has a business license, value-added business license, etc. to determine whether this is a formal SMS company; Secondly, you can go to the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology to inquire about the establishment time, scale and registered capital of the company. Finally, we can judge the strength of the company from the factors such as the company's brand awareness, typical customers of cooperation, long-term cooperation customers, the company's hardware technology, the company's speed of dealing with problems, and so on.

    Among many SMS platform service providers, talk2all international SMS platform is reliable. The company has obtained value-added telecom business operation license, telecom network resource code number use certificate, business license license, account opening license, trademark registration certificate, software patent certificate, etc.