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Can't foreign SMS platforms receive verification codes? How to recharge SMS platforms abroad?

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1. Why can't foreign SMS platforms receive verification codes?

  Signal cause. Users may fail to reach the platform due to sending errors under the conditions of mobile phone shutdown, mobile phone shutdown, poor network, regional restrictions, etc.

  Content reason. International SMS sending restrictions are much more than domestic ones. If the SMS contains prohibited words, the SMS sending will fail, and users will not receive the SMS verification code.

  Reasons for SMS platform. Verification code SMS has extremely high requirements for lines. If poor quality lines are used in non-standard SMS platforms, users will not receive verification codes.

 Sometimes, due to network and geographical conditions, the server will extend the sending time of the international SMS verification code. At this point, you need to wait patiently, or wait until the countdown is over before applying.

2. How to recharge SMS platforms abroad?

  Generally, enterprise merchants access the SMS interface provided by the SMS platform company, and after obtaining its designated operation account, the SMS company will make a step-by-step quotation according to the actual SMS needs of enterprise merchants, so that enterprise merchants can recharge before use. There is no charge for SMS account, but for enterprises that need to enjoy the exclusive channel of SMS due to the large demand for sending SMS, the SMS platform company will separately negotiate the application fee of exclusive channel with enterprises, while enterprises that do not need exclusive channel will only charge the corresponding fee according to the number of SMS.

   Different SMS platform companies will have different charging standards, but the standards are not different. For example, SMS platform companies with high quality, good service, long established time or large scale will not fight a low price war when charging, and will basically provide customers with certain discounts in the form of packages. The formal SMS platform companies charge according to the number of successful SMS messages, and will not charge customers an extra penny.

   Nowadays, there are many foreign short message channels and they are easy to find. There are a large number of international short message service providers on the market. If you find an international SMS service with a very low price, please think twice. There must be a deep hole in the low price! If you have other international SMS problems, you can consult talk2all international SMS platform.