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How to open international SMS group service for novice? What is the specific process?

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I. What should we pay attention to when sending international short messages

    1. Choose a regular SMS platform

For novice, how to choose SMS platform is also a difficult point. With the increasing demand, there are more and more international SMS platforms in the market. Without knowing how to choose, some users are attracted to the platform with false advertising, and lose a lot of money without achieving their goals. Formal SMS platform must have formal qualifications, but also to provide free test channels for users, of course, excellent after-sales is also indispensable.

    2. Identify customer groups

According to the different types of enterprises, the audience of marketing is also different. Users need to be clear about their purpose for mass SMS to be most effective. The clear goal is to find out what kind of audience the enterprise is, achieve accurate marketing, and maximize the interests of enterprise users.

    3. Brief and easy to understand text message content

Stand in the user's point of view to edit content, through a short language to tell the user who I am, what I am doing, can bring you. Attracting users' attention is the first step. If you can add short links, it will be convenient for interested users to click directly.

    4. reasonable time to send

International SMS sender are all abroad, so we need to consider the time difference when sending SMS. If the time to send a message is not chosen well, the effect of our international message will be greatly reduced.

II. The process of sending SMS

    1. Preparation

Complete SMS platform account registration, channel testing, platform real-name authentication, platform payment

    2. Add the SMS signature

An SMS signature is a signature created according to the user's identity and consistent with its own attributes. It is generally an enterprise name or brand name

    3. Add an SMS template

SMS template is the sending content of short messages. Foreign countries generally have policies to restrict spam messages. A typical platform will provide some templates for enterprises to choose from

    4. Platform review

After the user determines the content, the platform will review it according to the system's Settings. Example Query the SMS content for violation

    5. Send text messages

After the verification, the platform will send SMS according to the sending time set by the user

    6. Query the status

You can check the sending status of each SMS through the platform to confirm whether the SMS has arrived