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What does sms international channel mean? Which international SMS platform is used?

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1、 What content can be sent by international channels

  Because the gateways are international, the restrictions on international channels are much less, and there are basically no industry restrictions.

2、 Where can international channels be sent

  Except for several areas with high shielding in China, other areas are basically accessible.

3、 International channel status

  The international channel sends short messages with stable lines and high arrival rate.

4、 What are the restrictions on purchasing international channel recharge

   There is no limit on recharging. You can recharge as many users as you use.

   Today, the SMS industry is booming. There are many short message platforms in the market, and how to choose them has become a difficult problem for businesses. So how to choose the right mass messaging platform?

1、 Stability of performance

  Requirements for channel stability and interface operation. In order to provide more services to the masses and enterprises, the general operators will choose a group SMS platform with stable channels, because it can achieve the effect of sending massive SMS. It can be edited online and customized, which is convenient and effective to manage members, find and send them at any time.

2、 Word of mouth of SMS platform

  It is equivalent to a person's appearance and heart. If word of mouth is not good, there is no need to choose. After all, the eyes of the public are bright. Therefore, when choosing a mass messaging platform, we must choose a formal professional supplier to ensure the quality of use and after-sales service.

3、 Arrival rate of SMS

   The ultimate purpose of enterprises sending short messages to customers is promotion and marketing. Arrival rate is the key to SMS marketing. For example, if the customer doesn't receive the text message, even if the content of your text message is very good, the customer doesn't know, and it doesn't help. So if nothing can be done except accuracy, such a mass messaging platform is also undesirable.

4、 Interaction with users

  Due to the lack of technology and channel resources, many mass messaging platforms often do not support the reply function, which is very important. It can increase interaction with customers and allow customers to provide product suggestions for continuous optimization. Improve the product to make it more popular with customers.