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What services do foreign SMS platforms support? What are the charges?

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.Advantages of SMS group sending platform

1. Low cost: Compared with the cost of traditional media advertising, the cost of SMS advertising can be almost ignored. However, it is cheaper to submit SMS advertising through mobile SMS group sending platform than to send short messages directly on mobile phones, thus greatly reducing the budget cost of advertisers.

2, fast speed: SMS group is not limited by time and region, domestic can be sent to the user's mobile phone in a few seconds.

3, high accuracy: the platform can be set to specify the user group advertising, so as to improve the accuracy of users.

4, strong diffusion: SMS advertising is a strong dissemination, because of its fast speed, a few seconds to reach, users interested in the content of the advertising can be shared at any time to send interested friends.

.What services can SMS platform provide

1. Marketing message:

   Activity promotion SMS, customer care SMS, SMS promotion pull new, new product launch SMS, user recall SMS

2. SMS verification code:

   User registration, login exception, authentication, payment authentication, user login, password retrieval, number binding, activity confirmation

3. Notification SMS:

   Short message service notice, invoice short message notice, order prompt payment notice, system short message notice, express logistics reminder, transaction short message reminder, activity notice short message

4. SMS message:

   E-commerce, games, online social networking, live video and other platforms and other overseas enterprises to promote marketing and attract new customers, accurate access to customers in various channels, flexible marketing.

.How to charge for international SMS

   Talk2all SMS It provides customers with A premium A-Z SMS channel and support for SMPP and API wordless docking. Its team has grown rapidly and has branches in Pakistan and Hong Kong.In order to bring the best experience to users, the technical Team NOC Team 7*24 monitors channel quality in real time to provide stable performance for users and guarantee their interests. The fee for sending an international message is 0.1 yuan per message with 70 Chinese characters or 160 English letters. Prices vary by region and fluctuate according to local rates.