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Is international message a scam?Why Are Some International SMS bulk Sending Platforms Arrested?

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I.Is international message a scam?

    International SMS is not a scam. Like ordinary SMS, it is used by many users and enterprises as a daily application tool to communicate with the outside world. In addition, international SMS is more widely used than ordinary SMS. It can store various languages in the world. It supports sending notification SMS, SMS verification code, new product push SMS, logistics SMS, etc. Business development provides efficient services. International SMS is a necessary tool for many multinational enterprise users to expand their business abroad.

    The most important thing is that international operators have restrictions on the content of international text messages, and cannot edit prohibited words, false propaganda and illegal links related to pornography, drugs and gambling. So, international texting is not a scam.

II.Why Are Some International SMS bulk Sending Platforms Arrested?

    Those arrested international SMS mass-sending platforms themselves do not have formal qualifications and operate illegally. Through these informal SMS platforms, criminals use various technical means to do illegal things across the border, causing harassment to users and even defrauding money. For example, the high incidence of fraudulent crimes such as killing pigs, false part-time jobs, and identity impersonation.

    In order to standardize international SMS channels, combat criminals, and protect users' property safety, the international entry and exit SMS early warning system realizes real-time reminders for international SMS and improves users' awareness of prevention. At the same time, it is recommended that users install spam SMS blocking software to filter spam SMS.

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