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Mobile phone SMS group platform which good? How to choose mobile phone SMS group platform?

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With the economic development of The Times, now the rise of each brand traffic war, many industries have gradually begun to use SMS group messaging business, in the communication industry we call SMS marketing. Now such as retail, exhibition industry, aviation, wine and tourism industry and other corporate customers will choose mobile phone SMS platform to send marketing messages.

Ⅰ. How to choose mobile phone SMS group platform?

Platform scale: The choice of mobile phone SMS mass messaging platform must be formal, to check whether the company has business license, value-added service license, SMS access business code use certificate, etc., these qualifications are the basic standard to test whether a platform is formal.

Arrival rate: Generally, the arrival rate of marketing SMS must reach at least 90% to achieve a higher level of marketing effect, so it is necessary to choose a mobile phone SMS platform with a high arrival rate.

Sending speed: Talk2all international SMS platform comprehensive coverage of mobile, telecom, Unicom, to achieve the interconnection of kua service providers, industry SMS is to achieve second delivery.

Background information: Statistical reports sent by SMS can be followed in the background. After understanding blacklist, keyword filtering and other information, the SMS push mode can be adjusted to improve the accuracy of SMS marketing.

Ⅱ.Mobile phone SMS group platform which good?

SMS marketing as a new generation of commercial marketing mode, with its high speed, high efficiency, low cost, wide audience incomparable advantages, such as by the majority of enterprises, using Talk2all international SMS platform, can make marketing more accurate, more save cost, also can improve the user experience and help enterprises to do the product promotion, promote customer relationship maintenance.

Talk2all international SMS platform can provide one-stop cloud communication services for the majority of enterprise users, covering products including verification code SMS, notification SMS, marketing SMS, overseas SMS and mobile phone number authentication, etc. Talk2all international SMS platform channel stability, high arrival rate, delivery speed, as well as technical excellent management background.