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Is the content of mass SMS restricted? What is the word limit for international SMS?

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Mass messaging is a cost-effective marketing method. More and more enterprises choose to use the international SMS platform to send mass messages, but those who know about it should know that SMS is not random mass sending, but there are restrictions. What are the specific restrictions on mass messaging?

1SMS group sending restrictions

1. SMS word limit

Chinese characters, English, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks or symbols in text messages are calculated as one character, and the deduction is the national standard. The same is true for the deduction of mobile phone SMS. Messages are generally 70 characters each; Two charges from 71 to 134 characters; Three charges from 135 to 201 characters; The maximum charge is nine 600 characters.

2. Content restrictions

Illegal content and sensitive information cannot be sent. Most mass messaging platforms require customers to confirm the content of the SMS first and edit it according to the specified content format. If there is a problem with the content and it is not modified, the international SMS will not be sent to the user's mobile phone.

3. Limit of sending times

Even with the same mobile phone number, there is a limit on the number of SMS group sending. For the same mobile phone number, you can only get the verification code SMS 10 times a day. If you need to send it again, you have to wait until the next day. Therefore, marketing messages should not exceed three times a day.

2Group sending mode of SMS platform

At present, SMS platforms basically support triple play sending. For SMS platforms, there is no limit to the number of formal SMS sending. However, sensitive words will be reviewed and blocked.

The short message platform is mainly used for mass sending short messages that enterprises or individuals have business needs, such as blessings, birthday messages, member notification messages, member marketing messages, etc.

The SMS platform has no requirements on the number of times to send messages. As long as the number of messages meets the requirements, they can be sent.

The price of short message platform is different from that of individual sending. The charging standard for group sending of personal mobile messages is 1 piece /0.1 yuan. The charging standard for group sending of short message platform is generally 5-7 points. It depends on the sending quantity purchased by enterprises, oOf course, large quantity is preferred.