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Are all international SMS free? Do international messages have signatures?

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International short messages can connect multinational enterprises with each other. Although the Internet age is very developed, there is no software that can send international short messages in unlimited quantities. For many enterprises in the international development of international SMS is indispensable to the daily operation of the company.

Multinational enterprises can not like domestic enterprises through conventional marketing methods to promote. Domestic enterprises face no regional differences in the crowd, there are many marketing ways to choose. However, there are few marketing methods for multinational enterprises to choose. International SMS has low price and can be sent in batches without national or regional restrictions. Therefore, international SMS platform has become the priority choice of multinational users.

Ⅰ、 international SMS are free?

No matter what kind of SMS is required to charge, in daily life, we use personal mobile phones to send SMS is also required to charge operators.

International short message is the short message channel produced by the cooperation between domestic operators and operators in other countries. Compared with other marketing methods, the price of international SMS is not high.

Generally, the price of an international short message is 0.3-0.5 yuan, and there will be differences between different regions and countries. The price difference is based on the high and low charges of operators in each region, the more volume, the lower the price.

, international messages have a signature?

The signature of an international short message is usually a company name or a brand name. Before sending an international short message, you need to set an enterprise signature. An SMS signature is in the format of [] plus a custom signature. The signature generally contains 2 to 8 characters, not only numbers and letters, but also prohibited words and special symbols. After the signature is confirmed, it needs to be submitted for approval on the platform. After the approval, the SMS signature is set up.

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