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How to text the United States? How much is an international text message?

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一、how to text the United States?

There are two ways to send SMS to the United States: personal mobile phones and platforms. Personal mobile phones send text messages to the United States and ordinary text messages in China. You only need to add a prefix before the mobile phone number: 00 is the international code, plus the United States country code 011, and then add the user number. There is no space between the number and the number. However, when a personal mobile phone sends text messages, it may be sent here.

 but the other party can't receive text messages. Moreover, if the personal mobile phone sends international text messages, the operator will charge a roaming fee. Especially mass text messaging is not cost-effective to send it through personal mobile phones, so users who need to send international text messages, whether to the United States or other countries, are recommended to send them through the platform.

二、how much is an international text message?

There is no unified standard for charging international text messages, but it is still very cheap. It only charges certain services.

However, unlike the charging method of ordinary SMS, the international SMS platform adopts the pre-charge method. Users can view their SMS sending status and real-time consumption records through the platform, as well as the elimination of each text message.

    And the consumption details of each SMS can be seen.The charging price of SMS on different platforms is different; the charging standards will also vary from country to country and region, but it is generally between 0.2 and 0.8 yuan per item. Example: 0.1-0.2 yuan per item in the United States. This price is still very cost-effective. Of course, when choosing a service platform, you can't only look at the price. The most important thing is whether the service platform is formal, stable and reliable. Only by choosing a formal platform can you protect your interests to the greatest extent.

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