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Which international SMS sending platform is better? How long do I take to receive an international SMS?

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    International SMS is a marketing method with a wide range of application scenarios. It is the same as ordinary SMS. It is used in festivals and promotion. our mobile phones will receive some promotional messages and holiday greetings. The purpose of the business is to maintain the old customers' memory of their brands, the price of bulk sms sending is

 very low and brings the greatest benefit to the enterprise.


1、 How to choose a better international SMS platform?

What is the effect of the platform? After you use it , you know it !Generally, they have formal qualifications and can support

free testing, high stability, high SMS delivery rate, low delay, and good after-sales support, then that platform is a good one.If you are still unsure about it, you can also try their platform stability to avoid losses to the enterprise without knowing.

2、 Which international SMS platform is better?

  Talk2all international SMS platform

  (1)The platform has qualifications and is a legal international SMS platform.

  (2)The platform is stable, safe, transparent, free of arbitrary charges, and puts user experience first.

  (3)The platform is directly connected to 220+ countries around the world, has multiple SMS channels, and provides free testing.

 (4)The platform has a wide range of application scenarios, which can meet the needs of various industries and provide aseries of solutions. for enterprise users.

  (5)The delivery rate of the platform is as high as 98%, and the SMS delay is low. A visual background is provided for users to view and check their sending status.

  (6)The platform is 7*24-hour online after-sales. Whenever problems need to be solved, the technicians will help you solve problems.


  According to the current international policy, international SMS can only be sent point-to-point, and the particularity of the route also limits multi-country reception. International SMS is fast, highly dispersed. The response rate is much higher than many other marketing methods. An international SMS usually reaches the user's mobile phone in 3-5 seconds. Of course, the speed of reaching is also related to the quality of the platform, so when you need to send international SMS, you should choose a formal international SMS platform.