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What is international SMS? Can I send international SMS directly by myself?

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International SMS is the same as domestic SMS. It sends SMS to different numbers through direct channel. However, international SMS mainly serves enterprises with overseas SMS needs. International SMS can realize rapid communication between enterprises and international  users, so as to complete various order notices, payment confirmation, logistics reminders, activity notices, etc. that enterprises need to send. International SMS can effectively help cross-border e-commerce, cross-border logistics, foreign trade websites, overseas apps and other fields, so that enterprises can achieve the development and development of global business.

With the development of the times, SMS has gradually become an important interface for enterprises to communicate with enterprise users in the marketing process. Whether it is SMS verification such as user registration, login and account capital change, identity authentication application, or other marketing needs of enterprises in different industries. Enterprise SMS has become an important tool for e-commerce, medical education, banking and finance, catering and entertainment, logistics express and other industries to carry out mobile commerce business.

Verification code SMS is a kind of dynamic information, which can help all kinds of enterprises to verify the identity of users and ensure the security of user accounts and property. Verification code SMS is applicable to the registration and secure login of various account numbers, as well as the retrieval of passwords and payment authentication; The notification SMS is applicable to enterprises that need to notify users of information. The scope of notification SMS is relatively wide, such as status reminder, price adjustment, alarm notification, logistics notification, etc; Member marketing SMS and video SMS are used for launching new products, member care, going to sea publicity, event invitation, etc. they have natural advantages for enterprises to quickly shape brand image, cultivate trust with various international customers, and enhance brand marketing. They can greatly improve the conversion rate of enterprise marketing promotion,  guide and revitalize users accurately.

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