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Is the international SMS service free?Is the free SMS platform reliable?

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I.Is the international SMS service free? 

    Multinational enterprises want to use the international service platform to send mass short messages, they must first open the short message service. The opening of the international short message service is free, and free testing is provided. The basic process is as follows:

    First, register an account on the platform, complete the real-name authentication, add the SMS signature, and then edit the SMS to test whether the channel can be successfully sent; after the test is passed, you need to complete the payment, so that the international SMS service is successfully opened. The entire activation process is free, but the SMS platform sent after activation is subject to a service fee. Enterprise users want to send text messages to customers in groups. It is recommended to buy a package. The platform will give users a certain preferential price according to the principle of small profits but quick turnover. Generally, the charge for each international short message is between 0.3 and 0.8 yuan. For enterprise users , it's still pretty cheap.

II.Is the free SMS platform reliable?

    In the current form, the new crown virus is raging around the world. Affected by the epidemic, the products of many multinational companies cannot be promoted offline. The large demand for online marketing has brought opportunities for some informal platforms to exploit loopholes. There is no free lunch in the world. Those platforms use the slogan of sending SMS for free to deceive users, but they are actually preying on users who like to be cheap. The free SMS platform is not connected with the operator, the stability is poor, and the timely delivery of SMS cannot be guaranteed; and the free platform will not sign contracts with users, so there is no legal constraint. Therefore, users with international SMS needs must be cautious when choosing a service platform to avoid falling into the so-called "free" trap, which will lead to a large amount of data leakage or loss.

    A formal international SMS platform like Talk2all signs a formal contract with users to strictly protect the information security of customers, with fast speed, high arrival rate, good stability, and after-sales service in place, allowing users to feel at ease, at ease, and worry-free.