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Are there any restrictions on group international text messaging? Why failed to send international SHORT messages?

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Under the impact of the epidemic, many industries have become depressed, which is also a big blow to overseas enterprises. Many overseas enterprises cannot do without international SMS platform for their daily operation. Multinational enterprises face foreign customers, so they cannot use various daily publicity methods like domestic enterprises. If you can't communicate with users face to face, how can you make your brand known to foreign users?

The term international text messaging may be familiar to users, but most people are unaware of its specific purpose. As can be seen from its name, international SMS is the message sent to the international, it is widely used not only to promote the business of enterprises, but also to maintain the operation of some international platforms, some international SMS platforms can also be customized solutions for enterprises.

I.Are there any restrictions on group international text messaging?

International text messages are different from regular text messages because they have to be sent across borders and are much more restrictive than regular text messages. Before sending users need to test the content, there are a lot of international SMS content can not be sent, once the content contains banned words will lead to SMS sending failure.

International text messages are usually between 60 and 70 characters long, and some platforms charge for the length of the message. If the content is too long, users will not be interested in finishing it. Therefore, users need to understand local rules and edit the content before sending SMS messages to avoid unnecessary losses caused by sending restrictions.

II.why the failure to send international SMS?

The reasons for the failure of sending international SMS messages are as follows:

1. The content contains prohibited words or triggers restrictions on the destination to be sent.

2. The line of international SMS platform is unstable, affecting the arrival rate.

3. The recipient's number is empty or the network is bad.

4. Recipient's mobile phone is set to intercept spam messages.

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