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What countries can TALK2all international SMS be sent to? What are the charges?

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Talk2all SMS is an information technology company specialising in communication services. The company is user-centered; Demand-oriented, focus, reputation, safety as the business philosophy, to create a first-class platform; Build a first-class team; Create first-class service for the enterprise goal. It is committed to building an influential global integrated communication service provider.

The company's main business includes software development, domestic number blank number detection, real-time detection, international number detection, domestic and international SMS verification code, notification SMS, marketing SMS, etc. Our business covers 220+ countries and regions around the world, with more than 1000+ operators, supporting multilingual uploading. To make enterprise promotion easier and more efficient, global users can reach it at a touch.

I. Our advantages

1. Unified integration of multiple services

The same account can be used in any combination of domestic and overseas verification codes, notifications, and marketing messages. CMPP and API are supported without worry.

2. A worldwide carrier network

Our SMS API connects to more than 220 countries and territories around the world and works with more than 1,000 operato

3, multi-channel standby

The platform is easy to operate, stable and reliable, and easily supports multi-channel, multi-master, multi-master, multi-master, mutual backup and group shunting. Fewer restrictions on sending, unlimited languages, unlimited

4, low price, transparent, no routine

All consumer prices are transparent, platform data is transparent, and users can view consumption records at will, so that users can feel at ease in consumption.

5. High-quality technical support

Provide 7*24 hours business consultation and technical support, one to one personalized technical services.

II. SMS charging standard

Most international SMS platforms generally charge for the number of messages sent. The price of international SMS group sending is different for each platform, most of which are 0.03-0.08 USD per item. Some platforms with low prices also aim to attract users. The price difference is mainly reflected in different countries and regions, and some countries with high rates will be relatively higher. Based on the principle of large quantity and discount, users can choose to buy packages. Different SMS platforms also have different restrictions on the use period of packages. Talk2all SMS platform has no use period, which is convenient for users to buy at one time.