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What are foreign SMS platforms? How to choose SMS platform abroad?

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There are many SMS group sending companies with different sizes in the market, and the competition is also very fierce. How to choose a reliable and formal SMS group sending platform?

1. Strength

A good SMS interface provider is regular, powerful, interactive, with business license, value-added business license, etc. This is the basic. We can determine whether this is a regular SMS company. It has an independent and exclusive channel, and the platform is stable. In addition to being cheap, the SMS interfaces provided by some suppliers with poor quality are not functional, stable and effective.

2. Technology

SMS is not expensive, but its technology is priceless. Those SMS interface providers with professional technical teams and perfect after-sales services will naturally have a slightly higher price. After all, these technicians and the channel of the platform all need money, but correspondingly, the technology, services and resource reliability that such high-quality suppliers can provide are often higher, so that users can use them stably and smoothly and have high-quality SMS services.

3. Speed

The application scope of SMS interface is usually SMS verification code, marketing SMS, notification SMS, etc., and these SMS have high requirements for timeliness. If enterprises choose some suppliers with low price but unable to guarantee the quality, they cannot achieve the stable and efficient sending of SMS. After all, good suppliers can provide efficient, regular and stable channels, which can be sent all over the country without delay, and the delivery rate is as high as 99.99%. Such a stable and fast SMS interface is a better choice for enterprises, not just to see whether the price is cheaper.

The above are a few precautions to help you choose a regular and reliable SMS group sending company. You can spend more time looking for comparisons on the Internet, or you can test your SMS by buying a small amount in different companies in several batches, so that you can see at a glance the sending speed, arrival rate, channel stability, support reply, charging method, pre-sales and after-sales service attitude of your SMS, In this way, you can choose a suitable SMS group sending company for you.