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How much is it to send an international message now? How much do you charge in different countries?

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International short message is accompanied by the development of overseas enterprises and more and more trusted by the public, it and ordinary short message of the same purpose. Now we often receive marketing messages from some stores during the holiday period, so as to attract traffic and bring profits to businesses. International short messages provide help for overseas enterprises. Although individual mobile phones can also send international short messages, there are many restrictions leading to low arrival rate of short messages. The international SMS platform can solve these problems and provide the best help for users.

International SMS charges are also different from ordinary SMS because it needs to be distributed through a special platform. These platforms work with operators in many regions to provide users with special channels to send international text messages. In order to ensure the stability of operation, the platform usually charges users a certain fee in advance. Of course, users can recharge according to their own needs. Before payment, half of the platform will provide users with access to the platform for testing. If users are satisfied, they can choose to pay. The price of a half text message is 0.3-0.8 yuan per message, and the platform deducts fees according to the actual number of messages sent by users.

I. Steps of sending international short messages

1. Select a suitable international SMS platform and register an account

2. Test the SMS channel of the platform

3. Payment by the platform

4, confirm the company signature, and send the content

5. The platform sends

    International SMS are generally in accordance with the international word crown (00) + country code + signature, the recipient number for sending, and the content of the text also has a lot of restrictions, the platform usually have set rules, in addition to the user in accordance with the platform before send text messages can also be to understand send destination policy sets, can make text messages to achieve the best effect. If you need to send international text messages, be sure to choose a proper platform, and don't be attracted by false propaganda and low prices, as these platforms may charge arbitrary fees.