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How effective is international SMS marketing? Can international text messages send video?

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  In today's rapid development of science and technology, a large number of enterprise users use multimedia propaganda to achieve the purpose of marketing in order to promote their brands. Especially in recent years, affected by the epidemic around the world, many multinational companies are unable to promote their products offline. In order to internationalize their products, they choose international SMS platforms for marketing. Compared with other marketing methods, SMS marketing can save costs, and is more convenient and direct. It can well promote mutual communication, quickly conclude transactions, and achieve the desired effect.

International SMS can transmit a variety of different content and types of information. With the continuous update of mobile phone intelligence, international SMS can not only send text, pictures, voice, but also video, and even edit text, pictures, voice, and video at the same time. All-in-one SMS, sent out in the form of SMS. It makes communication more convenient and advertising effect more direct, which is accepted by more and more enterprise users. Some novices still don't know how to send videos through mobile phones, and now the specific operation steps are described as follows:

The first step is to open the mobile phone desktop and find the SMS icon;

The second step, click Add information;

The third step, on the opened page, add recipient contacts;

The fourth step, click to shoot video in the text message editing bar or select the video in the mobile phone album;

  The fifth step, When the video recording is complete, click Send. Advantages of video messaging:

Advantages of video messaging:

The advertisement release speed is fast, and it can directly reach the customer's mobile phone in an instant; the effect is good, and the platform can edit text, pictures, voice, and video four-in-one text messages to send, providing complete advertising effects.

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