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Which international SMS platform is better?Choose Talk2all

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 Talk2all international SMS covers 230 countries and regions around the world, supports global languages, and helps enterprises expand overseas markets. The API design is simple and clear, and it only takes 10 minutes to send SMS to users in more than 200 countries and regions. Sending SMS developers only need to focus on the business itself, skip the fussy rules of operators and can match the most suitable route, visual data self-service statistical analysis, keep abreast of data dynamics at any time, and make decisions with data.


Advantages of Talk2all International SMS Platform

1. Fast, stable and efficient

  The domestic verification code notification SMS is delivered within 10 seconds, and the delivery rate is 99%; the delivery rate of marketing SMS is 99%, and it supports uplink reply.

2. High-quality three-network channel

  Three-in-one high-quality channel, rich code number resources, strategic cooperation between each channel and operators, fast speed and good stability.

3. Real-time data tracking

  The status of the SMS is presented in real time, and the number of requests, successful sending, and failures can be viewed in real time, and the reports are clear at a glance.

4.200+ country coverage

  The service covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and is directly connected to the international SMS operator channel. The quality and delivery rate are guaranteed. The platform supports multiple languages, regardless of the region or country. Users can send to their destination at any time.

5. Real-time data tracking.

  Real-time presentation of SMS status, real-time viewing of requests, successful sending, and failures, and reports at a glance.

  The international SMS platform must be selected carefully. With fast speed, high arrival rate and good stability. The platforms that meet the above three main indicators are all good international SMS platforms and can be considered. Now there are many platforms with low price and 100% reach rate advertisements on the Internet. I hope you will not be attracted by their false advertisements when choosing. Only by choosing a formal platform can you maximize your protection.

  The promotion business of the international SMS platform is easy to operate, has a high arrival rate, and is accurately delivered to each customer's mobile phone. Up to 500,000 numbers can be sent at the same time, and it supports two-way links. Customers can see and reply to messages, it also effectively establishing connections between customers and enterprises, and improving the performance of enterprises.