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How to distinguish informal international SMS platforms?How to use the international SMS platform?

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I.The use process of the SMS platform

1.Register an international SMS platform account

After choosing a platform, you can contact the service of the platform and let them know the user to register the account.

2. SMS route test

In order to maximize the user's sending effect, it is generally necessary to test the route before sending.

3. Platform payment

At present, the domestic platforms are all prepaid, and the platform will deduct the fee according to the number of messages sent after the SMS is sent.

4. Add SMS signature

The SMS signature is a signature created according to the user's identity that conforms to its own attributes, usually the company name or brand name.

5. Edit the content of the text message

The SMS platform will have content restrictions and prohibit the sending of prohibited words.

6. Send SMS

After the SMS starts to be sent, users can view the sending status in real time on the platform.

II.How to distinguish whether the SMS platform is legitimate

1. Publish regular text messages, and do not support sending content that violates national laws and regulations.

2. The platform has complete qualifications

Formal international SMS platforms will have business licenses, telecommunications value-added business licenses, and qualifications for mass messaging business operations.

3. After-sales service

No matter how well the platform packs itself, users can feel it in the after-sales experience. Some informal platforms will conduct false propaganda for the sake of profit, and users can distinguish the quality of the platform from the after-sales experience. It can be found that companies with good reputation are often excellent in after-sales service. Because the user's experience will directly affect the company's future development, long-term companies will consider after-sales service and user experience very important. Different from other services, international SMS requires very high timeliness in dealing with problems. Technicians are also needed to help customers connect to the interface, so the attitude of service is also very important to the user's experience.

4. The arrival rate of text messages

The sending content of international short messages needs to be changed according to the changes of national policies, and there are also requirements for the status of users who receive short messages. If the user's mobile phone is turned off, the signal is not good, the number is empty, the software is blocked, etc., it will also affect the arrival rate of the SMS, so the regular platform will not guarantee the 100% arrival rate with the user.

5. Bulk SMS price

Although the price of SMS group sending is not high, it also requires some costs. The price of a text message is about 0.03-0.08 yuan per message. Those platforms with too low prices are often untrustworthy, so users cannot be attracted by those platforms that are lower than the market price.