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Is the price of mass promotion platform expensive? What are the factors that affect the price of the SMS group promotion platform?

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The price factor is a key point that enterprises pay more attention to when choosing the SMS group sending platform, especially now there are many SMS platforms on the Internet with different prices, which makes many enterprise customers do not know which to choose or which SMS platform has a more reasonable price. In this regard, Italy sorted out the factors that affect the price of SMS platform, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

一、 Sending method

At present, there are two ways to send short messages in groups, one is sent by virtual network, and the other is sent by gateway port. The former is called "sending SMS by card", which shows the mobile phone number of all parts of the country. The latter shows 106 or other area codes, such as 0371/0535. The cost of sending SMS by card is very low, and the sending speed is also very fast, but the arrival rate is very low, while the sending speed and arrival rate of gateway are very high, so it has become the favorite group sending method of operators.

二、 Usage

Just like shopping, retail prices are expensive and wholesale prices are low. On the SMS platform, the more the number, the lower the price naturally. Why some SMS are only a few cents is because enterprises buy a large number, so it is more affordable and cheaper.

三、 Billing method

There are two charging methods for SMS platform, one is submission charging, and the other is charging after successful sending. These two methods have different effects and charges are also different. The billing mode of "successful billing, failure return" is adopted by the SMS platform.

1. Submit billing means that once the enterprise customer edits the SMS and sends it, it will charge the corresponding number of messages regardless of whether it is successful. This price is very low, but it can't guarantee the arrival rate or whether it is successful.

2. Charge according to the success of sending, that is, no matter how many text messages the enterprise sends, as long as it succeeds, it will be charged. If it fails, it will not be counted as money. Simply put, if the enterprise sends 1000 text messages, and 900 of them arrive, then the charge is the 900. If only 10 arrive, then the charge is only the 10. Such a charge is better for enterprises and can save publicity costs. According to the charging standard, the charging standard of industrial SMS and commercial SMS in the SMS platform service provider is different. At present, the price in the market is 4-6 points. The more quantity, the cheaper the price.