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Can I send SMS to Korea? What's the use of group international text messaging?

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     At present, the rapid development of domestic economy has increased the number of cross-border enterprises. Transnational transmission of information is also a big problem, each country has its own restrictions, can not guarantee the information arrival rate, if the use of personal mobile phone to send SMS status can not be checked. Other ways of publicity can not meet the needs of multinational enterprises, and the price of transnational publicity will be higher.

    Although SMS is a very common way of publicity, but users will also use SMS in daily life, every user in use no matter what SMS users will take a look. And the sending speed of SMS is very fast, whether it is international SMS or ordinary SMS, it will arrive within 3-5 seconds, choose a stable SMS channel will greatly reduce the situation of sending failure

1.Can SMS send South Korea?

    To send an international message, you only need to add the country code and the recipient's mobile phone number in the message. There are two ways, one is through the international message platform, the other is through personal mobile phone.

    International messaging platforms are relatively stable, cheaper than personal phones, and free to test before sending. The platform can also provide the status after sending, if you are sending in bulk, then international SMS platform is the best choice.

2. What is the role of international SMS?

    International SMS can shorten the distance between enterprises and users, so that users can get to know enterprises more closely. Enterprises can penetrate users' daily life through international SMS. International SMS platforms can provide enterprises with SMS verification code, marketing SMS, notification SMS, logistics SMS and other services. Some platforms can also provide a series of SMS solutions.

    International SMS can be sent to target groups to improve the customer acquisition rate of enterprises. It is not only a means of communication but also a special marketing method. Generally, there is no limit to the number of messages sent on international SMS platforms. Users only need to edit the content at the right point in time to send it, and they can also send it regularly, so that users can free their hands.