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What is the US SMS API? How to choose the American SMS API platform?

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It's all about API. What is an API?

In fact, in our daily life, we have a lot of similar API scenes, such as: the computer needs to call the information inside the mobile phone, at this time you will take a data line to connect the computer mobile phone, computer and mobile phone connection data line interface is the legendary API interface.

Since there is no standard or benchmarking enterprise in the SMS industry as a measurement standard, it becomes tricky for users to choose an excellent SMS platform. Generally speaking, there are several aspects of measurement accepted in the industry:

1. Nationwide Telecom Value-added Service License (SP Certificate)

2. Send short messages as fast as 5 seconds

3.Rate of 3.99% to

4. Number of SMS channels

Then the United States SMS API platform how to choose?

1. Strong compatibility

General good message API interface platform that can support HTTP or webservice calls, so that customers in the use of only need to add an interface in the corresponding place address information, and the corresponding parameters again after a simple test, general validation can be used to send text messages or marketing messages, notifications, messages, start the normal business operations.

2. Reduce operating costs

Through the application of SMS API interface platform, enterprises can build their own communication platform more quickly and flexibly, better meet the development needs of enterprises, better publicize products and activities, increase market sales, and increase the degree and influence of enterprises. The SMS API interface platform can be directly provided by the SMS service provider. Enterprises do not need to carry out additional complex program development, greatly reducing the development cycle and cost.

3. Response speed

The short message API interface platform has a fast response speed when sending and receiving short messages, which can basically deliver the message in seconds without long waiting time.

Enterprises use SMS API interface platform to carry out such publicity, not only reduce the cost of product and activity publicity, but also help enterprises to find more invisible customers, to provide more support for the development of enterprises.