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How do individuals send international text messages to the United States?How do I charge for international text messages?

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I.How do individuals send international text messages to the United States?

    It is very simple for individuals to send text messages to the United States. It is no different from sending ordinary text messages in China. It can be sent directly. Just add the international prefix 00 and the country code before the contact's mobile phone number. The country code of the United States is 1. If the mobile phone number of the other party is 199670326023, the contact format is: 00119967032603. No spaces can be left between the numbers, the content of the text message cannot exceed 70 Chinese characters in Chinese characters, and 140 characters in English.

II.How do I charge for international text messages?

    There is no unified charging standard for international SMS, and there will be differences in price depending on the country and region. An international SMS generally charges from 0.2 yuan to 0.8 yuan. If an enterprise wants to send short messages in groups, they can consider sending them through a professional international short message service platform, which can get a lot of discounts, and don’t have to worry about problems such as failure to send or receive messages. The platform will help users solve various problems one by one. The platform generally adopts the method of pre-charging. After passing the test, the user decides whether to recharge. The platform deducts the fee based on the amount of SMS sent by the user. At a certain time, the user will receive the current consumption record sent by the platform. There is absolutely no need to worry about whether the platform has arbitrarily deducted fees.

    In recent years, the global virus plague "has lingered", corporate users cannot physically promote their brands, and there is a large demand for online marketing and cross-border marketing, which has led to the emergence of various marketing channels, and various SMS service platforms are also mixed. Enterprise users must keep their eyes open and choose a formal platform.

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