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Does the content of international SMS need to be reviewed?How to send the US SMS verification code?

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    International SMS is the same as ordinary SMS, and there are many restrictions on the content sent. Each country has different restrictions on cross-border sending. Users need to check whether there are special restrictions in the local area before sending, so as to avoid triggering restrictions and causing sending failures.

    Sending through the platform will need to pass the content review of the international SMS platform. Before sending, the content test will be carried out. After the test is passed, the content can be sent without violation. If it is sent by a personal mobile phone, the user cannot see the sending status, and there is no platform for content review. Although it shows that the SMS was successfully sent, if the trigger limit causes the sending to fail, the sender cannot see it either.

I.How to send the US SMS verification code?

    If it is an enterprise user to send international SMS, the best choice is an international SMS platform. Although personal mobile phones can also be sent, there are many shortcomings compared to international SMS platforms.

    The sending of verification codes requires high timeliness and is suitable for registration on many platforms and APPs. If users do not receive verification codes for a long time during registration, customers will be lost. So how do users change to send international text messages? Let me explain the detailed steps for you.

    1. Choose an international SMS platform with various formal qualifications.

    2. Contact the platform customer service for platform account registration and platform authentication.

    3. Confirm the content of the SMS and conduct the international SMS channel test.

    4. After the test is passed, the user recharges the platform.

    5. The user chooses the sending time and quantity independently.

    6. After sending, you can check the sending status of the SMS through the platform.

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