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How about the effect of international SMS marketing? How to send marketing content by international SMS?

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    With the rapid development of Internet technology, enterprises have more and more marketing channels to enter the international market, but the cost of advertising is not cheap. In order to reduce costs, many multinational enterprises will choose short message service platforms to promote brands and sell products in the form of marketing short messages. The price of an international short message is between 3-8 cents. Compared with other promotion tools, international short messages are not only affordable, but also have good marketing results, which are shown as follows:

    1. International marketing SMS can be directly sent to customers' mobile phones one-on-one, with a delivery rate of 99% and high accuracy;

    2. It can send different marketing contents according to different customer groups, so as to arouse customers' desire to buy, with high flexibility;

    3. As long as the customer doesn't change the number, it can be sent in different forms for a long time, locking the customer, with high stability.

   International SMS marketing has so many advantages, so how to better edit the content of marketing SMS? Here are some suggestions:

I Control the number of words. The content cannot be too long. The purpose should be clear. The content of an international SMS marketing should be controlled within 70 characters;

II The content should be standardized and should not contain prohibited words, sensitive words, false propaganda and illegal links;

III To create a good copy, the text should not be too rigid and stiff. It is best to make the language interesting and lively, understand the needs of customers, and make customers interested so as to continue to pay attention;

IV You can add some pictures or videos to make the content richer, fuller and more persuasive;

V Understand the work and rest rules of customers, master the time of sending, and the number of times of sending should not be too frequent, which will cause customers' disgust.

   The most critical step for international SMS to achieve good marketing results is to choose a formal service platform., Talk2all international SMS service platform has obtained a variety of operation qualifications, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It supports the languages of various countries. SMS 5S delivery and delivery rate is 99%. It is safe, stable and efficient. It helps enterprises expand overseas markets, improve the visibility of enterprises in the international market, and achieve the expected results.