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Which international SMS platform works better ? What are the advantages of international SMS?

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    In order to meet the needs of global users, all employees of talk2all International Communication Co., Ltd. keep improving and innovate continuously to create products acceptable to the general public.


1. Arrive within 5 seconds

    An OTP sms channel with three networks.

2. Distributed cluster architecture

    Service request has millisecond response

3. 99.99% delivery rate

    Dedicated machine room, supporting large capacity, highly exclusive, real machine monitoring, real-time monitoring and automatic switching.  

4. Intelligent dispatching

    Multi channel intelligent scheduling, easy to response to business peaks, multi-channel intelligent diversion of massive data, and integration of multiple exclusive operators 


    Support SMS distribution of various contents, such as business promotion, new product publicity, member care and other contents.

6. Send online

    No need to use API, no need to develop ability, you can also send SMS, which can achieve the same effect as API call.

7. Scheduled transmission

    It supports the scheduled sending function. You can set the time of sending according to your needs. Automatic sending can be realized without logging in.

8. Data statistics

    You can view statistics such as the number of successful and failed transmissions; View the sending details with the information of  date and mobile number.

9. Self service platform

    The efficient self-service platform supports instant, regular group sending, self-service application for SMS signature, template, setting of margin alarm, etc.

10. Information security assurance

    Cloud platform account security, communication content and operator dedicated line encryption, self-developed gateway, compatible with a variety of standard protocols

    Small size, strong function, easy to operate, green and safe, compatible with windows; Importing multi format files such as TXT, Excel, word and web pages is very easy, and the SMS template is customized; CRM contact management, birthday reminder, regular SMS and one-to-one group sending are all available; Millions of numbers can be imported and exported with one click, easily filtering duplicate numbers and non mobile numbers; Free upgrade for life and promise never to charge any fees.

    Talk2all international short message platform has complete functions, reasonable layout and guaranteed quality. In this era of intelligent technology, it is still easy to understand and suitable for anyone to use.