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What is international SMS? Which is a good platform for mass texting?

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    All SMS messages sent outside mainland China +86 belong to international SMS, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. International short message, also called overseas short message, is mostly used in overseas markets. It can help overseas enterprises to publicize and win customers, such as cross-border e-commerce, games, international websites, dating apps and other enterprises, because no matter how the network develops, the correct transmission of short message is irreplaceable. Compared with other forms of promotion, sending international text messages is cheaper but more effective, because international text messages are pushed directly to consumers, which can effectively increase AD reading rates and business sales.

    International SMS messaging is limited to point-to-point messaging. Not all carriers and networks in the world can reach a certain area, which limits SMS messaging in most areas. So before sending international text messages, make sure you do your research on the area.

    As a communication channel between enterprises and customers, international SMS can be divided into three categories: OTP, notification and marketing.

    A reliable SMS group platform, can bring higher transformation for the overall marketing, in the choice of group platform, you need to pay attention to the following points:

    Platform scale: the selected SMS agent service company must be formal, to check whether the company has a business license, value-added business license, SMS access business code use certificate is the basic standard to test whether a platform is formal;

    Arrival rate: the arrival rate of general marketing messages should reach at least 90% to achieve a higher level of marketing effect; Talk2all international SMS platform delivery rate of 99%, marketing SMS delivery rate of 95%.

    Sending speed: TALK2ALL international SMS platform fully covers mobile, telecom, China Unicom, to achieve the interconnection of KuA service providers, industry SMS is able to achieve second level delivery.

    Background information: the statistical report sent by SMS can be paid attention to in the background, and the content, format, wording and other information sent by SMS can be fully supervised, so as to facilitate enterprises to understand customer information and refine the content of SMS.